Founder Profile: Rob Dumont (CTO)

Your background is in engineering. How have you found the transition to leading a development team? How does your background benefit you?

Engineering is all about solving problems and improving processes, and software is the best tool to solve a lot of business problems, so it was a natural transition for me. 

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Founder Profile: Brett Ziegler (COO)

Trip Ninja is an organization that hinges on innovation. From a behind the scenes perspective, how do you ensure you’re creating a culture of innovation within the company?

I think that companies can foster a culture of innovation by maintaining a clear focus on their goals and then being flexible in the ways they accomplish them. 

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6 takeaways from Phocuswright Europe 2019

Phocuswright Europe 2019 kicked off in Amsterdam on May 15th with the theme of “Empires on Edge.” The theme focuses on agile startups and how they are disrupting and overthrowing the giants like Expedia that have dominated the travel space for the last few years. 

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Founder Profile: Andres Collart (CEO)

Trip Ninja is an organization that thrives on innovation. How do you ensure you’re constantly pushing the envelope and staying on the cutting edge?

Innovation is extremely important to what we do and as such I always make sure to understand what new technologies are coming up. This allows us to improve the way we deliver current products and also create new ones. 

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