Founder Profile: Andres Collart (CEO)


Trip Ninja is an organization that thrives on innovation. How do you ensure you’re constantly pushing the envelope and staying on the cutting edge?

Innovation is extremely important to what we do and as such I always make sure to understand what new technologies are coming up. This allows us to improve the way we deliver current products and also create new ones. 

There is also business-side innovation and this requires always paying attention to those small remarks on what pains people have. These pains, issues, time wasters, or business challenges are opportunities for us to build new products which make them go away and improve the lives of people managing travel companies.

As a new business in the extremely competitive software space, Trip Ninja has done extremely well. What advice would you give to someone looking to start a SaaS company?

Always test your assumptions and listen to the people you are building products/services for. This can lead to huge insights and ensure you are working with your partners through a business model that works well for everyone.


What trends are you seeing that will have the biggest impact on online travel agencies in the next year?

The continued rise of low cost carriers will probably have the largest impact on OTAs. Paired with this, IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) will see a massive increase of content sources that OTAs tap into for flights.


Long hours and immense pressure are pretty common in startups. As such, burnout can be extremely common. How do you overcome the pressure and avoid burning out?

I try to do yoga regularly. The best way to commit to this for me is by scheduling into my calendar.


What’s a secret talent you have?

If I have the hiccups I can concentrate really hard and make it stop. Lamest talent ever, but it works!


Given that you work for a tech company, if you were stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere, and you could bring 1 piece of tech with you, what would it be?

A satellite phone ;)


What’s your favourite place to travel?

So far my favorite trip has been a 10-day rafting experience through Rio Platano in Honduras in Honduras (link). The river is flanked by virgin rainforest on either side and for 8 of the 10 days we never saw another person or group. We saw macaws, remnants of ancient civilizations, and fished rivers so plentiful it took 20 minutes to catch dinner for the entire group.